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Hi, I̢۪m Malena from Detroit, Michigan. USA.

I began taking pictures several years ago because I like tellin̢۪ stories and while ink runs through my veins, I find making photographs a bit easier to show the magic of my mental world than through the sometimes torturous act of writing.

I love to make old photographs new, and the new, old. I make pictures to create a possibility out of the impossible. Or is that an impossibility out of the possible?
To make stars out of lights, bubbles out of shadows and rock stars out of ordinary people. =)

All photos listed here are available for purchase, are individually signed on back and printed by a professional lab with a high quality finish.

The signature on the front of the photos will not appear on your purchased print.

Please feel free to e-mail me using the contact link if you have any questions.

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December 13, 2012+br570+br338+br1

Luna Pier Sunrise III

December 7, 2012+br570+br382+br2

Luna Pier Sunrise

December 5, 2012+br570+br382+br3


December 4, 2012+br570+br382+br4

Detroit Riverfront

November 29, 2012+br570+br382+br5

Water Runs Dry

November 27, 2012+br570+br382+br6

Autumn Cruise

November 26, 2012+br570+br382+br7

Child's Play

November 26, 2012+br570+br382+br8


November 26, 2012+br382+br570+br9

Ferris Wheel III

November 21, 2012+br570+br381+br10


November 26, 2012+br570+br382+br11

Love Always

November 21, 2012+br570+br381+br12


November 14, 2012+br570+br378+br13

Elizabeth Park Bridge

November 21, 2012+br570+br381+br14


November 21, 2012+br570+br379+br15


November 21, 2012+br570+br378+br16

Moonlit Dance

November 21, 2012+br570+br381+br17

Ferris Wheel II

November 21, 2012+br570+br382+br18

Annular Eclipse Sunset

November 21, 2012+br570+br382+br19


November 19, 2012+br570+br382+br20

Crystal Lake

November 14, 2012+br570+br379+br21


November 14, 2012+br381+br570+br22

Foggy Lake

November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br23


November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br24

Luna Pier Sunrise

November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br25


November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br26


November 14, 2012+br570+br393+br27

We Found Love (in a hopeless place)

November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br28

Sunshiny Day

November 21, 2012+br570+br382+br29

Sun Showers

November 21, 2012+br570+br382+br30

Highland Park Fire Department

November 29, 2012+br570+br382+br31

Homeless II

November 26, 2012+br570+br382+br32


November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br33

Highland Park Fire Department

November 14, 2012+br570+br382+br34

The Police

November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br35


November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br36

Woodward Presbyterian Church

March 15, 2013+br570+br382+br37

Spirit of Detroit

March 15, 2013+br570+br373+br38

Made In Detroit

December 28, 2012+br570+br382+br39

Ford-Wyoming Drive In

December 4, 2012+br570+br382+br40

Foggy Uniroyal Tire

December 4, 2012+br570+br382+br41

Michigan Central Station

November 28, 2012+br570+br382+br42

Detroit Riverfront (Through My Eyes)

November 29, 2012+br570+br382+br43

Redford High- In The End

November 14, 2012+br570+br382+br44

Michigan Central Station

November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br45

American Coney Island

November 14, 2012+br570+br382+br46


November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br47

Detroit Fire Department

November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br48


November 14, 2012+br570+br381+br49

I Feel Nutty (Featured on Getty Images)

November 26, 2012+br570+br382+br50


November 19, 2012+br570+br382+br51


November 19, 2012+br570+br382+br52


November 21, 2012+br570+br382+br53


November 21, 2012+br570+br382+br54


November 26, 2012+br570+br382+br55

Fragility Of Horror

November 19, 2012+br570+br382+br56

Woodmere Cemetery Detroit

December 5, 2012+br570+br382+br57

Forest Hill Cemetery

December 6, 2012+br570+br382+br58

Heritage Park III

February 19, 2013+br570+br382+br59

Winter Wonderland -  Heritage Park

February 19, 2013+br570+br382+br60

Heritage Park II

February 10, 2013+br570+br382+br61

Heritage Park- Taylor, MI

February 4, 2013+br570+br382+br62


February 10, 2013+br570+br382+br63

Snow Berry

February 10, 2013+br570+br382+br64

Winter Elegance

February 10, 2013+br570+br382+br65

Hang On

February 10, 2013+br570+br382+br66

Elizabeth Park Bridge

February 19, 2013+br570+br382+br67


March 20, 2013+br570+br382+br68


March 20, 2013+br570+br382+br69


March 20, 2013+br570+br382+br70

Maternity I

March 26, 2013+br570+br382+br71

Maternity II

March 26, 2013+br570+br330+br72

Maternity III

March 26, 2013+br570+br382+br73

Maternity IV

March 26, 2013+br570+br369+br74

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